Final Food Businesses Approval Deadline Approaches

Food Business which have been approved by the FSA or their local home authority have been urged to contact their relevant approval authority if they have changed FBO (Food Business Operator) since 1 January 2006. 

Important changes to the approval process of FBO take effect from the end of January 2012.

Now a new approval is required when a business changes hands. A new ruling has stated that where a food business has been sold as a going concern an approval can not be legally transferred to the new FBO.

The FSA stated that the new ruling will be implemented from the 31 January 2012 and FBO’s who notify the relevant authority before 31 January 2012 will be given an assessment. All assessments would be aimed to be completed by July 2013 and following a successful assessment the Food Business Operator would retain the existing approval number.

However a change of FBO after 31 January 2012 could result in a new approval number being issued.

For information please contact the FSA or your local home authority.

Source : FSA 

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Andy Burne has worked in Technical Management for many years in the food industry. Now he is a certified BRC auditor and provides consultancy to the Food Industry.