Electronic Recordings of Pig Movements Coming into Force

The Electronic Movement Licensing of Pigs (eAML2), which is the electronic version of the pig movement license will replace the current paper form in April 2012 allowing the pig chain movements to be completed online.

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A 6 month transitional period was set up in October 2011 allowing farmers and abattoirs to complete the movements online. However from April 2012 the paper version will be phased out and the online completion will be compulsory.

The benefits of the new systems allows the information to uploaded onto the Government database within 72 hours and not the 3 weeks it took previously. This obviously brings significant advantages in regard to disease control and traceability.

The system also means operators do not need to fill in paperwork and post it/fax it afterwards.

It also means the UK will now have a more realistic herd register.

Source: eAML2, BPEX

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