Poland Recalls Food Suspected to Contain Road Salt

The Polish Food Safety Authorities announced that they were issuing product recalls on tonnes of food items which are suspected in containing industrial salt to de ice the roads.

The Polish Food Safety authorities stated the use of industrial salt in food is safe, with theĀ amounts of dioxins and heavy metals in the salt, which is normally used to de-ice roads, were found to be minimal and not dangerous to human health.

However even if the salt does not contain anything harmful it is still not enriched with iodine as the law requires for food.

The foods include vegetables that are preserved in salts, likes pickles and sauerkraut and beets, but also sausages and breads and other baked goods.

Source: US Food Safety Blog, Warsaw Business Journal



However the Czech Republic have announced a temporary ban on imports of Polish salt, and Polish health authorities ordered over 230,000 kilos of food to be withdrawn from the market last Friday as a precaution.

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