The use of Unprocessed Fish which will be consumed raw

The Food Standards Agency has just announced that certain farmed fish destined to eaten raw no longer needs to be frozen before use to protect consumers against parasites.


Under EU Hygiene Regulations  853/2004 there was a requirement for all unprocessed fish which was to be consumed raw to be frozen to a minimum temperature of -20oC for at least 24 hours before it could be sold to the final consumer.

There was not a requirement for Cold Smoked Salmon which is popular base ingredient for Sushi to be frozen as the risk was deemed as minimal.

Following a EFSA review the EU has agreed to a risk based approach when applying the freezing requirements for fishery products. Based on this risk assessment certain farmed fish no longer need to be frozen before being sold to the final consumer.

Please note that it is based on a risk assessment and the food business operator when making the decision must base the decision on the risk of parasites being in the fish.

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