Outbreak Cyclospora in USA

The FDA in the USA is investigating an outbreak of Cyclospora where so far 400 people have been reported as being infected.

The FDA traceback so far in 4 restaurants where there has been clusters of the outbreak as identified a national food service processer of salads. So far it is not clear if the salad processor is responsible for the outbreaks elsewhere in the USA.  It is also believed the outbreak is associated with foodservice and retail stored have not yet been implicated.

Cyclospora is a parasite which can be transmitted through contaminated water or produce and generally can be associated with contaminated vegetable or fruit. The symptoms of cyclospora is diarrhoea.

One of the potential causes of this outbreak could be contaminated water used to wash the salads. However this won’t be clear until the FDA complete their investigations.

Source:    US Food Safety Blog


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