Food Information Regs….. Are you ready

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Unless you have been based in Mars or have been concentrating on brick laying over the last 2 years you probably would have come across the Food Information for Consumer Regulations (1169/2011/EC).

For all those who have missed out on some fascinating bedtime reading here is a bullet summary;

  • Regulation 1169/2011 was published on 22 Nov 2011 and entered into force on 13 Dec 2011
  • 3 year transition for coming into date – which going by my basic accountancy skills means 13 Dec 2014. That is from the 13th December 2014 new rules on Allergen Labelling WILL apply.
  • New REQUIREMENT to provide allergen information on unpacked food will apply.
  • The voluntary use of allergen advisory boxes to declare the presence of allergens is no longer allowed.
  • Mandatory information about the presence off allergens must be presented in the ingredient list and be emphasised in bold
  • More labelling information including; Minimum font size 1.2mm, requirements of the information in the field of vision and specific information required on a food label including now country of origin (where relevant).
  • Distance selling requirements.
  • 13 December 2016 – For the rules on mandatory nutrition declaration needed for most pre-packed food.

This is a brief summary of some of the main requirements. There are also additional requirements which Food Businesses need to be aware of.

There are also some guidelines out there including a more detailed guideline from DEFRA.

NOTE: The aim of this article is to raise awareness of the Food Information Regs. For additional information/advise we recommend contacting your local EHO or a Food Consultant

About ABurne

Andy Burne has worked in Technical Management for many years in the food industry. Now he is a certified BRC auditor and provides consultancy to the Food Industry.