Key Changes to BRC Global Food Safety Standard v6 Part 1

Now that the BRC Global Food Safety Standard Version 6 has now been published we thought we would go through each section and highlight some of the new clauses which have been added. Below is a brief summary covering each section of the changes to the Global Food Safety Standard.

Section 1 Senior Management Commitment
Section had now been organized and now includes clauses which previously had been included in Section 3 ie Quality Policy Statement, Organisational Structure
Section 2 Food Safety Management System – HACCP
New section added covering Pre requisites.
Section 3 Food Safety and Quality Management System
Section has now been reorganized with some clauses now moved to Section 1 and Customer Focus has been removed. Control of non conforming products has been added to this section, previously it was in Section 4.
The Internal Audits section in Section 3 now includes reference to process and environmental inspection with greater emphasis on the frequency of the inspections.
Supplier and Raw Material Approval has been extended with a requirement for documented risk assessments on raw materials and sampling regimes where relevant.
There are also now more detailed clauses focusing on the supplier of services and the management of outsourced processes.
In the Traceability section there is now the requirement to carry out the exercise within 4 hours and Product Recall section there is now the requirement to ensure the Certification Body is informed within 3 days when a recall has occurred.
Section 4 – Site Standards
Under security there is now the requirement for a documented risk assessment to be included within the security controls.
There is also greater clarification on High Care and High Risk with a decision tree in place to enable clarification.
Under the water controls there is now the requirement to have a water plan and the identification of the sampling points.
Chemical and Physical and the Foreign Body control section have now been extended.  There is now the explicit requirement to have some form of mechanical foreign body detection and if a metal detector is now used then some other form of foreign body detection must be used, depending on the process.
The Hygiene & Housekeeping Section has been extended with detailed requirements for CIP and more requirements on the cleaning standards of a plant.
Pest Control Section brings more clarification  on the requirements for sites where Pest Control is managed in house and not by a Pest Contractor.
Storage is now a separate section from Transport. Off site storage facilities must now be included in the audit or they must be specifically excluded.
Section 5 Product Control
Product design and development now includes that new products must be signed off by the HACCP Team leader.
The Allergen section has been extended and include the list on controls necessary in making a risk assessment, allergen control procedures, validation of the cleaning methods during product change over to ensure there is no allergen cross contamination, label checks at product change over, increase staff training, warnings on labels where cross contamination can not be avoided.
Identity Preserve materials has been extended and clarified to include Quality Assurance claims and includes verification of the raw material, mass balance checks at least every 6 months and review of process flows.
Packaging section has a new clause with more details for the certificate of conformity.
Section 6  Process Controls
The main additions to this section is to ensure production lines are checked prior to start up and at product change  over. There is also now the requirement to ensure controls are in place to ensure correct packaging is used and packaging changes and coding are carefully controlled.
Section 7 – Personnel
There has only been a few changes under this section. Probably the biggest is ensuring temporary staff have been adequately trained and are aware of the site hygiene rules. There is also now the requirement  that sites can retrieve the training records of agency trained personnel.

About ABurne

Andy Burne has worked in Technical Management for many years in the food industry. Now he is a certified BRC auditor and provides consultancy to the Food Industry.